Who are You?

Quietly awaiting daybreak Yet the storms seems never ending The turbulent wave of God But the silence of the aftershock is deafening Having to let go of something you were once so sure of Humbling to say the least Floating in the void of the unknown, We sit and wait Wait for an answer A … Continue reading Who are You?


Inspired by love and dedicated to Jesus, Under a masked cloud of fear, I confessed to someone I love about feelings toward my upcoming semester. Consistent with their character, they simply responded with the question: What kind of spirit is God? Not to shame me into "getting it together," or diminish my feelings. A reminder. … Continue reading Wonder

Psalm Writing 101

Hi my loves, This week I'd like to get into psalm writing. A fun fact about me is that I love to write. If you couldn't tell before, well sis, now you know. I was encouraged to journal by my mom and sisters at a young age and just grew to love it. One of … Continue reading Psalm Writing 101

Perfect Tears

She's crying, perfect tearsHer eyes drip in wonderHer heart is heavyA wind comesKnocks her overWho is sheWho am I?Why am I?She's the one unseenThe one unheardBut yet, she's aliveDeath couldn't take herWouldn't try Him, her fatherWould it?She doesn't knowHer nameShe forgetsShe fearsShe worriesShe criesShe sweatsYet, He is alivePush through baby girl, push throughHe wipes her … Continue reading Perfect Tears