The Final Test

It's finals season my Queens! I know Thanksgiving was probably a tease, but your break is right around the corner. I know for me, this is always a very tempting season because the enemy tries his hardest to flood my mind with lies associated with stress and inadequacy. This morning however, God led me back … Continue reading The Final Test

The Gift of Today

Happy Sunday loves, I pray you are all doing well. I've missed being here, writing…but it just didn't feel right for a while. I would write and feel like I was just here. Just going through the motions. That tends to happen when you are living life without truly understanding who you are. I've been … Continue reading The Gift of Today

Psalm Writing 101

Hi my loves, This week I'd like to get into psalm writing. A fun fact about me is that I love to write. If you couldn't tell before, well sis, now you know. I was encouraged to journal by my mom and sisters at a young age and just grew to love it. One of … Continue reading Psalm Writing 101

Pick Up Your Crown

Hello everyone! I'm back loves ♡ and so sorry for being MIA! School has been so busy and I've been trying to get adjusted to my schedule and get back into the swing of things. I'm happy to be back and I've missed you all! Can't wait to catch up with you! So, I did … Continue reading Pick Up Your Crown

The Lord’s Bride

Hello beautiful people, Today, I'm pulling out an entry from the archives of an old journal. This was one of the most transformative entries I have ever written -- filled with both confession and repentance. Even though it was written months ago, it speaks to where I am today. I was writing to God, so … Continue reading The Lord’s Bride


So, I'm writing again. Not really sure who I'm writing to. But it's been almost exactly a month since I actually wrote a post. So I guess I just figured I'd go for it. I write a lot to God. A lot of time I feel like He's the only one that hears me. I'm … Continue reading Bestfriend

Perfect Tears

She's crying, perfect tearsHer eyes drip in wonderHer heart is heavyA wind comesKnocks her overWho is sheWho am I?Why am I?She's the one unseenThe one unheardBut yet, she's aliveDeath couldn't take herWouldn't try Him, her fatherWould it?She doesn't knowHer nameShe forgetsShe fearsShe worriesShe criesShe sweatsYet, He is alivePush through baby girl, push throughHe wipes her … Continue reading Perfect Tears


Hello beautiful Queens! Today I am coming to you, humbly sharing a lesson I have learned and one that I am still in the process of learning. A lesson about not putting your plans before God's, and trusting that He has good things for you. A majority of my college walk with the Lord has … Continue reading Metamorphosis

From the Wilderness to Eden

"The wilderness is definitely not for the weak." -- said no one ever. I am in the middle of one of the toughest seasons of my life. And I'm tired. This post is not like the others. I am coming to you raw, and unfiltered. Currently sitting in a study room attempting to do homework, … Continue reading From the Wilderness to Eden

Black Privilege

Hi my loves, This week we will be reflecting on a very ominous topic: racial reconciliation. To be completely transparent with you all, I would say that as a black woman, I have lived life knowing for certain that there is nothing a white person can tell me about racism, discrimination or prejudice that I … Continue reading Black Privilege