Father, I submit to you

I submit to your will

I submit to your way

The darkness in me submits to the light in you

I bow at your feet

Surrendering my plans

Surrendering my lists

Surrendering my hopes

Waiting to enlist

In the army that stands on the truth of your love

As I wait, I lay in my pool of uncertainty

Letting go of the pride that comes with knowing

Knowing the answers

Knowing my will

Knowing my way

I am lost

Lost in the wildnerness

To find the way, I must find you

To find you I must submit

Submit my roadmap

Allowing myself to be lost in the wisdom

Lost in the mystery that is your kingdom

Where do I go?

To whom do I look?


Lifting my eyes to the hills

My help comes from the Lord

The north star

I cry out,


A beacon of hope

A sign of freedom

Like my ancestors,

I am escaping captivity

The bondage that is my mind

The keeper of Israel declares I am free

Free to reclaim victory

Free to find The Way

Free to embrace The Life

The Truth that is Jesus



We exalt your name. Thank you for who you are. Thank you for walking with us, even when we go in the wrong direction. You are forever with us. When we deny you. Run from you, and even push you away — you are here with us. I pray that you will give us the strength to submit to your will and your way. To submit to the love that you are, and prepare our hearts to receive you. Destroy the images of love that we have built up and worshiped in our minds and free us from the bondage that accompanies it.

It is in your name we pray,

Amen ♡

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