A Firm Foundation

Alright Saints,

Let’s address the elephant in the room.

I know a lot of us are trying to figure out what it means to be a disciple in this season. It feels like God said “world stop,” and we are scrambling to pick up the pieces. While I can empathize with the emotions you may be feeling while miss. corona is having her way, I think it is important to remind you that God is still God and is as intentional as ever.

Lets take a moment to not simply “feel,” but acknowledge our feelings and name them. It’s important to keep up with the news and understand what’s going on in the world. But it’s just as important to understand what’s going on in your spiritual world.

I will be honest and say that I was disappointed by the way this semester played out, but I had to re-evaluate what my life was built upon.

We go about our days thinking we can control every moment of our lives. Living as if we have the final say — as if we are not here in a temporary home, on assignment from our Father. How many of us were living in such a way that has made us neglect or even blind to the calling placed on our lives? Let’s not all speak at once…

Instead, we consume our time — our lives — with worldly desires.

Let me ask: when access to those desires is stripped away, what is left of you?

Do you know?

Are you like the foolish man who built his house upon sand. Or will you allow Jesus to shape you into the man who built his house upon the rock?

I’ll use Matthew 7:25 to set up the scenario for you:

The rain fell

The floods came

The winds blew and beat on the house

You fill in the blank. Did your house withstand the torrent or was it subject to a great fall?

If it took a hit, that’s okay. I took a hit as well…

The virus came

The world’s fear and hopelessness beat on the door of her heart

Life as she knew it was redefined in a moments notice

How did she respond? She sat. She cried. She repented. She worshiped. She mourned. She worshiped.

It took a bit of time for me to acknowledge the fact that I, myself was the foolish man that Jesus described in Matthew 7. In some ways I wasn’t, but in enough ways I was.

I set my foundation on the “fact” that I would be able to go about the rest of my days as a senior knowing exactly when and how I would be able to say goodbye to my closest friends. I set my foundation on the idea that while God gave me the vision for my workshop, I had a right to potentially cancel it because it was going in a direction that was not in my plans. I set my foundation on the lie that the gifts God has give me are gifts for myself and if I didn’t use them then no, that’s not being selfish.

I set much of my foundation on “facts,” ideas, and lies — only for God to say, “what will you do once I take away the foundation that you built?”

Will you take the time to face yourself?

I can distinctly remember God telling me to write more, and I took it as a suggestion — not a mandate from the one who gave me life. It wasn’t until I was forced to sit and look at what was left standing from the remnants of the storm, that I understood what truly mattered. Blogging was never meant to simply be a hobby, it’s a powerful tool that can be used to spread the gospel if I allow it to be. I spend my semesters asking God for more ways to serve the kingdom, but as soon as the going got tough I considered going home to safety when one of my closest friends is right in front of me and could use the very light that I was keeping to myself.

The position of uncertainty that the storm has left you in is no coincidence or mistake by God. Your insecurities feel exposed because they are supposed to be. God is cleaning out our hearts because He knows that a cluttered heart leads to a damaged spirit.


It is my prayer that you embrace this season of spring cleaning and truly face yourself. Face your insecurities. Face the Lord. Ask Him to renew your spirit and open your eyes so that you may desire to live with a firm foundation on the rock– not simply a foundation that is pleasing to the eye. I pray that Jesus reveals who you truly are in this season and the beauty of the calling over your life. That you will walk in your purpose and allow what is already dead in His eyes, to die in yours so that He may revive the light in your spirit. Love on yourself in this season and remember that there is always peace in a storm.

Peace + Love ♡

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