Ink Dance

In honor of Queens in Spring turning one today, I want to dedicate this Psalm to Jesus and the gift of the songs placed in my heart. Picking up my pen is a form of carrying my cross for the Kingdom. The fear, the risk, and the reward. Such an honor to carry.

A love so deep
A love so pure
A love so true

With each stroke of the pen
I aspire to elucidate the love that is you

My pen illustrates my walk with you
In the valley I pause

The shadows retreat as you approach and a stream of words overflow

My trembling pen reaches its peak
Climbs a mountain so high
Goliath wouldn’t dare

Your breath is in sync with the movement of the sea
Whispers of your love brush against my pen

The ink dances in the rain that is my tears
Tear stained pages represent the power of your love

A burning revelation at midnight

A refreshing encounter at dawn

As the sun rises, the ink dries

A watermark no man can erase

It is finished

Signed, yours truly

Thank you, Jesus. Thank you for the love that is you. Thank you for trusting me with sharing my gift with the world. Thank you for blessing me and my ministry. I pray that as I continue to walk with you, that you receive all of the glory and are pleased with the fruit produced. I pray that you bless the ministries of everyone reading this and those who aren’t. Remind me of what it means to be your Queen, your bride, in any season.

With love,


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