The Final Test

It’s finals season my Queens!

I know Thanksgiving was probably a tease, but your break is right around the corner. I know for me, this is always a very tempting season because the enemy tries his hardest to flood my mind with lies associated with stress and inadequacy. This morning however, God led me back to our favorite, Matthew 4. I was annoyed at first because it seems like I’m always in the wildnerness right? Lol, God wyd? But after talking to Him, I realized that this is yet another season of growth for me. As I go into my finals preparation, I have to remember who I am in spite of what the enemy says.

For so long, I’ve placed my identity in school and what “success” looks like in this society. I had a fear of failure so of course, God exposed me to that very fear. Once you’re exposed to something and survive, it’s difficult to fear it again, unless you allow yourself to be consumed with doubt. I had to retake a couple of classes to learn that. God often puts us in the same type of test to show us where our heart really is, and how we view Him. This go around, I refuse to allow doubt and fear to consume me.

How will you respond to this test? Will you allow the enemy to take you to a place that implies that you doubt God, or will you stand firm on His word?

This isn’t me saying don’t study. Actually, the opposite if that applies to you. Do what you can to make sure that whatever you do doesn’t result in a stressful you. For instance, I try to be as productive as I can in one day and only worry about the next when it gets here. I can either be the type of student that obsessively studies which is a sign of not trusting God at all, or the type that will get so overwhelmed that I procrastinate and end up asking God to come through. In the past few semesters I’ve resonated more with the first student, but I wouldn’t suggest being either. Being student #1 has resulted in me not being able to really try to predict my grades this semester. God already told me what would be, so why stress myself by doubting Him? Be the student that is a good steward over the gift of school, but also understands that God’s hand is over your life regardless.

Finals season won’t break you, but it will tell you a lot about your level of faith and what you let define you.

Never forget that regardless of the season, you’re still a queen and school can’t take away the calling over your life. That’s just that on that.

Prayers up to you, sis


Chan ♡

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