Perfect Tears

She's crying, perfect tears
Her eyes drip in wonder
Her heart is heavy
A wind comes
Knocks her over

Who is she

Who am I?
Why am I?

She's the one unseen
The one unheard

But yet, she's alive
Death couldn't take her
Wouldn't try Him, her father

Would it?
She doesn't know
Her name

She forgets

She fears
She worries
She cries
She sweats

Yet, He is alive

Push through baby girl, push through

He wipes her tears
But doesn't stop the flow
With each wave, she rides
She discovers the passion of His love
In the eye of the storm
She rides the wave
Drowning in the storm
She dies

This is the promise
His promise to her

Death feels like death

Life, indescribable
Will she remember,
her name
The next time she falls
The next wave that steals her

Who is she

Who am I

I am His

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