Perfect Tears

She's crying, perfect tearsHer eyes drip in wonderHer heart is heavyA wind comesKnocks her overWho is sheWho am I?Why am I?She's the one unseenThe one unheardBut yet, she's aliveDeath couldn't take herWouldn't try Him, her fatherWould it?She doesn't knowHer nameShe forgetsShe fearsShe worriesShe criesShe sweatsYet, He is alivePush through baby girl, push throughHe wipes her … Continue reading Perfect Tears


Hello beautiful Queens! Today I am coming to you, humbly sharing a lesson I have learned and one that I am still in the process of learning. A lesson about not putting your plans before God's, and trusting that He has good things for you. A majority of my college walk with the Lord has … Continue reading Metamorphosis