Transformation Tuesday — Glorified Body

Hello Queen!

This week’s transformation Tuesday is about the importance of loving my physical body just as much as I love my physical. As noted in my previous posts, I am proud of my spiritual growth. I have many insecurities and areas in which I need to grow spiritually, but I do not shy away from them. The thing is, I never really realized how much I neglect my physical insecurities.

I knew that I wanted to become healthier this year, but I didn’t want to do it as a way to find identity in my physical being. Instead, I wanted my physical being to be a reflection of my spiritual being. I then received confirmation on this by our good sis, Heather Lindsey. If you aren’t apart of the Pinky Promise family, I highly suggest you subscribe because she will wreck your life in the most loving way possible. Heather made the point that “when we think that ‘our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit’ based on 1 Corinthians 6:19 we tend to think of fornication or something like that.” She’s right! I’m sure the Lord wants us to be physically healthy just as He does spiritually.

So, I will be starting a healthy life challenge this week and hopefully, it will continue throughout the duration of the year and become a lifestyle. The physical aspect will involve taking better care of my body by changing my diet and exercising regularly. And of course, the spiritual aspect will involve making sure I am constantly communicating with the Lord as a way to ensure that my intentions on this journey remain pure.

If you would like to join me, just comment or contact me! Accountability is an important and essential part of a relationship with anyone, especially the Lord.

Stay Beautiful, Queens


Chantel Moné

_Transformation Tuesday 1_8 pt2

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