All of My Love

New Year Prayer Challenge: New Year, New Me

Dear Queen,

As the new year is upon us, I know we are all eager (or not so eager) to develop our new year resolutions, but I think a moment of reflection is necessary. We are often so quick to embark on the new year and where we’re going, that we forget to acknowledge what God has already brought us from. I challenge you to spend this first week of the year asking God to reveal the lessons you’ve learned or didn’t learn in 2018. Trust me sis, if God was trying to teach you something last year, I encourage you to figure out what it was ASAP before you have to go through the lesson again.

I’ve done some reflecting as well, and I realize that the Lord has been transforming me into someone whose identity is not placed in “beings” or “happenings,” but in my Kingdom name, “Beloved.” The King of the universe calls me His beloved daughter, what other validation do I need? I didn’t know it, but there was a time in which I desperately wanted to be validated by the world, because I didn’t know my name — my Kingdom name.  A time in which I wanted to be in a sorority because I believed that being in an organization would make me feel seen and loved in a way that God couldn’t provide.

I wasn’t entirely wrong. Throughout the year I began to get to know the Lord on a deeper level, and I learned that He is not a God of secrecy and competition, so He would not provide that. Instead, He is a God of vulnerability and truth. In fact, my entire perspective of love and acceptance was transformed after the Lord instructed me not to pledge. I was angry with Him because I wanted to be the god over my own life, but like a true father, He was only protecting me from something that was desirable to the eye but harmful to my spirit.

In Genesis 3:6, we see that Eve was faced with a similar form of temptation. The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was “good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom,” but we all know that our good sis was deceived.

In order to kick start my transformation, I had to show the Lord that I was willing to follow Him. The Lord has given us all free will, so each day I had to choose to pick up my cross and let Him take me to freedom.

Luke 9:23 “whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their crosses daily and follow me.”

Denying myself involved me deciding against trying to go Greek and pursuing whatever false “love” I was looking for. Instead of pledging all of my love to a sorority, I determined to pledge all of my love to God. As a result, I’ve received everything that I was searching for in that sorority, and more, from the Lord. Many of my family and friends are Greek, so as you can imagine this was a difficult decision to make. It felt as if I was dying along with my dream, but I began to understand that in order for something –my identity– to be revived, it must die. This was one of the hardest lessons I had to learn this year, but it was also one of the most liberating.

I was afraid to speak out and talk about this, given the subject. However, I had to realize that’s exactly what it is, my story. This is one of many, but this particular story tells the tale of a girl who lived as if she were an orphan until she realized that her father, the King of the Universe, was very much alive, and searching for her all along.

So queen, before you slay in your “new year, new me” picture, make sure you acknowledge your transformations so that you can take your growth with you into the new year!

Much love,

~Chantel Moné

2 thoughts on “All of My Love

  1. Wow this is amazing Chantel! I am very proud of the young women you are transforming into. Continue to trust God as He reveals His plans for your life. Our identities can only be realized through Him and the other “things” that we often use to fulfill those empty places never satisfy. What an awesome way to encourage and motivate not only Your generation but All generations. You Big Sis, Denisha

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