Transformation Tuesday — Glorified Body

Hello Queen! This week's transformation Tuesday is about the importance of loving my physical body just as much as I love my physical. As noted in my previous posts, I am proud of my spiritual growth. I have many insecurities and areas in which I need to grow spiritually, but I do not shy away … Continue reading Transformation Tuesday — Glorified Body

Into the Wild

Dear Queen, Last week I prompted you with questions reflecting on your growth over the course of 2018. They seemed like questions you would be eager to ask the Lord, right? Who wouldn't want God to gas them and tell them how great they are? Tuh! Well, I don't know how your week of reflection … Continue reading Into the Wild

All of My Love

New Year Prayer Challenge: New Year, New Me Dear Queen, As the new year is upon us, I know we are all eager (or not so eager) to develop our new year resolutions, but I think a moment of reflection is necessary. We are often so quick to embark on the new year and where … Continue reading All of My Love